slip gear

how do you use a slip gear machunium

This is a good example/tutorial of a slip gear:

Basically, you somehow (using a dremel, file, etc.) remove a section of teeth from an otherwise normal gear, such that there’s a smooth spot on the rim with no teeth. How much to grind off depends on your robot.

How it operates is that you set it up like a normal gear train. The other gear you’re meshing the slip gear with needs to be attached to something that is actuated by rubber bands. What happens is that as you rotate the slip gear, the other gear and lever system gets cocked back just as a normal gear would. However, when the smooth part of the slip gear comes to “mesh” with the other gear, that gear and lever system is free to be moved by rubber bands, and so it actuates. When the teeth come back around to mesh again, the process repeats.

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Thanks, extremely helpful