Slip Gear

Can you still buy a vex slip gear?

No you have to make your own from a normal gear. It’s legal and simple to do if you have a file or dremel. Just shave off the teeth that you want gone.

What do think I should use to make one?

Depends on how long you want the mech to operate with the gear

I meant what tool should I use?

A dremel works great.

Depends on your resources. I would personally machine the set amount of teeth off I need in a CNC mill, but I have easy access to that at the company I work at. For others something like a dremel is the best available tool. At the end of the day you just need something you feel safe using that will effectively remove the amount of teeth you need so that they do not mesh with the rack gear and allow it to slide past.

Would a drill with a sanding bit work instead of a dremel?

yes, but a normal file would probably be more precise, however thatd be faster

If I can’t find a drill bit, what could I use?

sandpaper if cant afford it, file works great, dremel, anything that takes off things by friction

I tried sandpaper last night and it took way to long and I don’t have a file.

ok, do you have a bench grinder, thatd be great? if not a knife could work? i mean really anything that you think of

I might, I’ll have to check after school.

My team used a hand-held hacksaw to cut the teeth away, then filed that messy cut smooth.

I personally found that using a scroll saw was the best way of making them.

Or you can just attach a metal pinion to a CIM and use that… (When your to tired to think)

HAHAHA civilized people. We used a flat head screw driver and a hammer and chipped off teeth one by one.

Pls tell me you still had to smooth it out afterwards.

Had to, yes. Did we, sort of…