Slip Gears

Has anyone had luck with a slip gear and a hammer? If so how did you make your’s?

Check out this thread:

We have slip gears on 2 of our bots. One a hammer and the other is a catapult. We made them using a belt sander.

How does each compare to each other? Which one has the most accuracy, speed?

I would say the catapult is more accurate and the hammer was faster.

Alright but have decided to make a puncher mechanism because it doesn’t have to be loaded on the down stroke. We also do not like the hammer very much as it can cause our rear wheels to come off the ground. Does anyone know how I cam make the puncher using sector gears? I really do not want to use cams.

Just reminds me of this video, which I love. The word lugubrious comes to mind.

You can use a rack gear and have the slip gear roll back along the rack gear until the gear reaches the “slip” portion. Make sure you have enough teeth removed, so you don’t need to stop the motors while it slips.

I have 60 tooth gears and I shaved 8 teeth skip 12 shaved 8 more and so on. Hopefully that should be enough, but do you have a pic of what you are saying b/c I’m having a hard time grasping onto the idea.

On our puncher we shaved off 20 from a 60 tooth gear, and left the rest. You can view videos of it on our instagram 3921B. Below is one of the videos.

okay. how fast can you shoot?

I haven’t really calculated the speed yet, but we have a decent fire rate with only high strength motors running straight to the slip gear with a 1:1 ratio. It can be easily sped up, though (check the link in my last post.)

cool. how many motors?

We are using 4, but 3 worked just as well.

will it work with 2

Depends on your set up and how far you want to shoot. We couldn’t achieve a decent fire rate for full field shooting with only two motors, though it is possible. The launcher from the video is a prototype I made last night, so with some tuning I am sure it could be easy to achieve an efficient two motor puncher.

alright thx

Could you guys provide a picture of your slip gear system?

Below is a picture I just took. I can provide more, though we have not fully attached the setup yet so everything isn’t very ‘neat’.

Ok. Thank you. That makes more sense now.