Slop issues

So for my traybot design I have been using vertical slides to expand my roller intakes out to pick up cubes. This mechanism has had the issue the roller intakes having a lot of slop. Is there any method that could reduce the amount of slop?

Could you share a picture? Do you mean linear slides?

Also what do you mean by slop? Is it a lack of tension?

So the first think you want to figure out is where the slop is coming from. Is the stationary track rigid? What direction does the slop occur? Side to side, front to back, up and down, or even in what plane (side to side and front to back, being the horizontal plane).

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The rail is secure. but I know it is because of the insert, I just don’t know alternatives that would help

The rollers are moving apart, lowering the grip on the cubes.

How do you have your intake fold out? If from the sides, just add additional rubber bands and create a more rigid connection. If it’s flip down then you need to have a more rigid joint as well as evaluate other factors such as arms and joints which allow more bending.

This might help. It reduces slop to almost 0.

Thanks I probably don’t have time to modify the bot with one practice before our next comp considering that our driver needs to practice.