Slotted angles

Why would you choose to use a slotted angle rather than a regular one? Thanks so much and sorry if this is a silly question, I’ve been trying to look on vex website and i’m new to robotics and trying to get a feel for all of the structural parts.

Slotted angle was included in the now-obsolete Cortex kits, and is rarely, if ever, used today. I expect today that only veteran teams even have the stuff laying around. VEX doesn’t sell it separately, and I would conjecture that it gets included in the old “metal kit” and “booster kit” only because they have inventory to dispose of.


They can be used in a scissors lift. Here is an example: VEX and KNEX Hydraulics - YouTube

They also allow you to connect structure at different points other than on the evenly spaced holes.

That is the slotted L channel (nice build by the way!) I think he’s referring to the pie/wedged shaped pieces that have a slot in them. Those are useful with trying to get the exact perfect angle for a shooter. We have a dozen or so from earlier kits.


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