Slow blinking yellow robot light

Robot light on cortex and controller occasionally blinks yellow slowly. I cannot find any info for this condition in the troubleshooting flow charts. Batteries are above 8 volts

Feel free to take a look at this chart here. According to it, the robot light should never be yellow at all. Are you sure it was the ROBOT light and not the JOYSTICK, VEXNET or GAME lights? Otherwise, I honestly have no idea. Hopefully, this chart will help though.

Thank you so much for linking this. We have been looking for something very similar and we really appreciate the help!

That is one of the charts I was looking at. If I am reading it correctly, the robot light should be yellow when the battery is below 6.5 volts. But, no mention is made of it blinking. And we measured the battery voltage as more than 8 volts .

No problem.

You said that the ROBOT light is blinking yellow slowly, but you did not mention the actual problem with the robot. Is there anything wrong with the robot, or is it just blinking yellow for no apparent reason? If there is a problem, you should check out this guide? If you still can’t figure it out, replace the battery if you haven’t already (you never know).

The robot has no specific repeatable problem, but the students always think the battery is low.