slow down a servo on a button?

I have a ‘flipper’ moving using a servo, but right now it is way too fast and literally throws the blocks into the air. Is there a way to slow down its speed? I know that it could run slower if it was on ch. 1-4, but they are used for other things and so the servo is on ch 5 on the back…

So, how do I do this? (also, I’m just learing how to program, so the simpler solution the better :p)

Is it a servo or a motor module?

its a servo module

The only way to slow down a servo is to step through the motion of movement. So, instead if going directly from 127 to 255, you would want to go from 127, 137, 147, etc over the course of time.

Using a timer or some wait commands.

I have whipped up a sample program, I haven’t tested it but it should work.
slow servo (1.63 KB)