slow downloading

I am coming to discover that the programs are downloading to my robot rather slowly. Is there any way to fix this?

The download speed depends on what program you are using and the size of your code

RobotC = very fast download time
mplab and EasyC = rather slow download time…

There is no way to decrease/increase the download time dramatically… However you can switch your program to a faster download time program or shorten your code which might slightly decrease downloading time.


If your computer has a serial port then you could remove the USB part of the cable and directly plug in the serial end to the computer.

This may not work on some computers however. The screw holes on the serial adapter on many computers will collide with the screw holes on the data transfer cable before the serial connection can be made.

You can purchase a Male to Female serial cable and attach the programming dongle to you serial port. If you have a laptop sells very nice cardbus and PCMCIA serial cards.

Be leary of cheap cardbus and PCMCIA cards they are usually USB to Serial adapters in disguise.