Slow Servomotor Down

I am using a servomotor to partially rotate the turret on a tank. The control is on/off via buttons on back of transmitter. I need to slow the servo down but there is no room for more gearing (Meccano). Can I put a resistor in series with the motor to slow it down? Any specific guidance would be appreciated like how much resistance and in which wire? Can I avoid soldering? Thanks

the servos are driven by a pwm signal so an inline resistor will not have an effect on the speed of the change it will only effect the power of the servo. The best way would be to use a for loop in the program to increment the value of the servo up at a slower speed. you would have a for loop with a variable that would be incremented by one and then a short( like 50 ms) wait statement. This would increase the value of the servo by 1 every 50 ms. this should be slower. if you need it slower then increase the wait time.
hope this helps.:slight_smile: