Slowing Down Flywheel

Hey Forums,
After taking various recommendations from posts earlier this week, I finally got my flywheel fixed. After practicing today, I noticed that it takes an awfully long time for my flywheel to slow down to an complete stop. When i intake balls during this period of time, the balls just end up getting fired of due to the energy still left in the moving flywheel. Anyone have any ideas on how I should approach this problem? I’ve thought through some possible options, but none of which come even close to being viable (involves possibly damaging things).


really that’s a good thing because you have a lot of momentum keeping the flywheel up so once you start it back up it will start up faster maybe you can try to practice keeping the flywheel on?

If I leave the flywheel on, I won’t be able to collect 4 balls then shoot. I may collect 1-2 balls before I can’t intake the balls any higher up, or the ball will shoot out through the flywheel. This creates a great deficiency when trying to score as many midfield balls as possible.

If the flywheel takes a while to slow down, that’s good. It means you don’t have a lot of friction. Never reverse the flywheel when it’s spinning in one direction, especially when it’s at high speeds. Even at a low speed, if you have a heavy flywheel, the momentum can be enough to break something if you reverse it. Try to only intake enough to hold one ball, and so forth for the next 3. I don’t know what kind of intake or chain system you have, so it’s tough for me to give you an exact answer. But in general, practicing timing on your intake can reliably get you 4 balls without ever shooting out of the flywheel.