Slowing Drive/Turn speed in Modkit

Hi guys! I was wondering how/if there’s a way you can turn drive and turn speed down in ModKit when using the drivetrain. I know how to do this for regular motors, but when I go into the block mode for drivetrain and go to When:Start and put setup blocks of set turn speed to 40 and set drive speed to 40, and then go back to the sticks, they’re still at 100% it seems like. I have a very young IQ team and I’m trying to turn the sensitivity down essentially. Thanks!

In trying to figure out a solution that a younger team could figure out how to program on their own, the students could program the additional buttons to do a slower turn. Should be easy for them to program the btnEup turn Left and btnEdown turn right at half speed.

The biggest thing you can do to help them is to have them practice driving. Adding more buttons to control driving will just make everything more complicated for them. If the robot drives or turns too quickly, you can do a lot mechanically to adjust the handling. Changing the gear ratio will change how it drives and turns, and changing the wheels (i.e. two omnis and two rubber, four rubber, or four omni) will make a big difference in how it turns without really affecting the forward driving. If you have all omnis, try changing two of the wheels to rubber wheels of the same size.