Smacking into walls during programming skills

After watching @Avery_8675A programming skills and a bunch of others like XJTU or Pigpen. I noticed you guys often hit into the field perimeter. Just wondering why you do that, gyro reset?

I can’t say the same for them, but I know our team hits the field perimeter often in programming skills just for alignment purposes. That way, we know for sure the robot is at least parallel to where we want it to go, and if not parallel on the right track.

We use it as a way to make sure the robot is aligned after going over the starting bar.

@Avery_8675A that makes sense, thank you!

@Avery_8675A great skills run, by the way. I am looking forward to seeing that one in competition. I tip my hat to you. Are you using gyros to get those turns so precise or is that PID on the drive, or are you using some other sort of magic?

It’s supposed to realign the robot. It works pretty well and allows for the robot to complete the run successfully, even if it bumps into something small like a cone. It makes the runs more consistent.

I am pretty sure that they said they don’t use PID on their drive.

We use a gyro for the turns. We have not use PID on the base for programming skills. Our programmer, @Troy8675A, is currently testing/learning PID to use in our programming skills for the future.

@Troy8675A how many gyros are you using for your drive base and are you using a Kalman filter to get that accuracy? That is very impressive programming.