Small chain legal

Is the .5cm chain still legal?

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The small “low-strength” chain is found in the Sprocket & Chain Kit, which while discontinued, is still listed on the VEX website. Therefore making it legal for use in competition.


I think a lot of confusion lies with the “legal for…” that is inconsistent - for example, V1 potentiometer is not listed as VRC legal, but the sensor kit that includes it is.

I believe there needs to be a clearer indication … discontinued, legal, etc… is getting muddled.

Clubs have invested year over year in gear. I get the frustration - why Cortex jumper not legal, why?

I think this approach is leading to more waste and confusion.


I have to admit, I’m thoroughly confused. Jumpers are still listed.

and, despite what that page may say, they are compatible with V5, I use them all the time.
Are they actually illegal ?

some teams/schools have been part of the program for 10+ years and have huge collections of legacy parts, I just don’t get where this is going and how it can be enforced when most inspectors I meet get recruited on the spot and have no knowledge of anything that’s not called out on the inspection checklist.


Looks like it, it’s missing the ‘VRC, VEX U, VAIC legal’ bit, as seen for example with the cortex ultrasonic rangefinder:


Additionally, since the website does not mention that it’s compatible with V5, the ruling would be that it’s not a part of the “V5 ecosystem” thus making them illegal.


Fortunately or unfortunately Lacsap has me as his Inspector and have had to tell teams to take off the jumpers since they are not listed with the V5 product tag. V5 product tag is the requirement for a part to be legal.


nor does anyone else really. Parts exist, they are perfectly compatible and good parts, yet they are made forcibly obsolete long before they naturally would be, even if those parts are discontinued from manufacturing for one reason or another. All this with seemingly no benefit to the program as a whole.


@Grant_Cox @Sidoti @Jon_Jack @VEX_GDC

Please listen to Mr. Pearman. He is very smart.
Thank you.


I have been a vex mentor since 2006 (that makes me 17 years of hoarding I mean storing parts) for teams to use. I would also like to keep the team parts that I have in my inventory. I’d like to follow the lead of @VexTeamZ in keeping these parts alive.

To be honest, more focus getting the “delivery in 6 week” parts to arrive vs removing parts we have should be taken.

Also a vote for @jpearman as being a smart man,


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