Small Early Season Reveal

Here is a short video of our robot for our competition in china. Feel free to ask any questions and sorry about the quality.

2 Motor RD4B Lift
6 Motor High Speed Drive
1 Motor claw
2 Cylinder Pneumatic Goal Manipulator

Wow, I love the simplicity on your robot! Looks fast and nimble, and I can see it being pretty competitive in-game. I do love what you did to position the mobile goal to the center. I do have a very small complaint; When driving, it does seem like your drive has some torsion issues occasionally. Make sure you try to fix it because long term it can loosen up the screws, as well as it diminishes your driving efficiency. But other than that, very nice and simplistic robot :smiley:

@[TVA]Delta_III thank you. We are still trying to work out the kinks in our drive and actually today we had a scrimmage and found that the high strength axle would slip on our reversing section causing our lift to be misaligned so we are currently beefing it up.

Nice robot! Do you have any footage of the mobile goal manipulator working?

@TheLordsChipsBuilder Not at the moment, but we do have a meeting today where I will try to get some footage of it in use.

Looks great!