small little tank bot

ive been trying to think of an interesting robot to make, so i made this little one, it uses the old chain as treads, and it about 1.25" tall at its widest (im not going to count the motor leads here). seems to work pretty well, though with less than and eighth of and inch of clearance between the treads and the frams it can’t really scale much of anything. but still fun for maybe and hour or two of work.

is it fast?

Looks like a very efficient base add some tread and lets see it finished!

nahh its quite slow. and it already has a tread, well at least that what the chains are for. but it is able to go under really low furniture. haha

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I like it. Pretty simple but still super cool. Does it have any issues with turning because the threads are so long but also really close together?


Too bad you don’t have enough traction to utilize all that torque…