Small room set up with comp field

Small space - best way to maximize small space with VEX competition field: HI all - our team has inherited a competition field and we finally have space to lay it out. However it takes up about 1/3 of our room and I’m curious what other teams have done. Do you have the mats available for students to take as needed and just put the perimeter on when needed? Do you have a small field set up? Has anyone found a way to lead it up on a wall safely? We did that with our FLL fields but that was just a table and more sturdy. Thanks for your help!

One trick is to use some 2x4 lumber and inexpensive plywood (or OSB) to raise the field by 18-30 inches. The space under the field is great for storage.

Thanks! I’d like to ultimately do exactly what you have done but right now we’re limited in space. We actually have good storage but it’s floor space we need for our two teams to spread out and have enough room… We’re in a portable classroom - narrow and low ceiling, but it does have some good closets we’re using. We need more work space for the builders and programmers to work…

You have more room than we do. Our field is certainly more than a third of our room’s square footage. Lots of the time people will sit inside of the field working on parts of the robot to save some space. Happily, we have a lot of drawers under our counters we work on.

we have a field taking up 80% of our room, all our parts are in cabinets against the walls, and we just tinker and build on the field itself, using it as our work space. Works well enough.

Our room is about the size of two or three normal classrooms but gee golly itd be nice to have a field, stupid administration and their money