small,simple robotics projects

what are some small robotics projects that we can do during our robotics class
that will illistrate the basic principals of robotics, but won’t take to much time or parts?
thanks all.

try BEAM robotics, there definitly small, there about under $50 dollars each and you learn a ton about robotics! is a link with lots of information on BEAM robotcs, BTW there are beam kits and build-it-yourself BEAM stuff

I’m guessing you mean using the VEX kit? If so try things such as Line following, drawing a circle, a spiral, a square, etc. Also moveing objects from one place to the next. Playing a game, simple game that is… Those are things that involve some programming and also some building.

For outreaches, we build different systems, including rack and pinion, gear boxes, and drive trains. We then demonstrate how each can be put into practical use