Smaller claws

I would like to see some smaller claws with small built in motors, the claws right now are a little bulky and heavy meaning they cannot be put on really small robots.

I am talking like robosapien size claws with small motors built in to provide a little bit of opening and closing power.

This way i could make a much smaller robotic arms that could pick up dvd cases and stack them with precision and the whole unit would b very light.

I also think that vex should get smaller servos, you should have assortments like hitec from their midget servos up to the really nasty servos.

Why not build your own?

I could build the actual claw part but as for the motor i would have to use a regular vex motor, i was saying that it should have a much smaller integrated motor.

You could put the motor further back on the arm and chain it to your custom built smaller claw.

I’ve done this, but using a long axle instead of chain. Since the axle is in-line with the arm, it is perfect for driving a worm drive that moves the fingers. There are some pictures of my gripper here, though it isn’t particularly small.


  • Dean

Wow, I completly forgot about doing it that way. We did almost the exact same thing on our FTC bot this year.

Yea, thats cool.

The only really problem i have is the motor, i would have to use a full size motor or servo to open the claw with a chain so it defeats the purpose when the motor is almost as big as the claw.

I really want to see a much smaller motor maybe 1/4 the size of the regular vex motor built in to the claw with a 12"Pwm cable coming out of the back. You don’t even need a speed controller, it just needs to open and close. This way the whole arm would be extremely light.

Its just an idea but it would be cool to have a mini claw for small robots!

So the PWM setting for motors controls speed, and for servos it controls position. What would be extremely cool is if the PWM setting for this motor controlled its torque. That would allow you to set specific closing pressure.


  • Dean