smaller parts

tiny motors, tiny servos, tiny gears, tiny micro controllers, tiny everything. when i say tiny i mean like a robot that can fit in your hand. i would like to make my own RC cars and stuff like that with vex. if it isn’t possible to make smaller everything then i think just a smaller micro controller and smaller batteries and maybe smaller RF receiver. when i build robots the thing i hate the most is that i have to include space for the micro controller and the batteries and the RF receiver.

While it would be expensive to get a programmable mini kit, Vex will soon release a none programmable, vexplorer-like vex mini kit. I don’t believe it will be as small as you want it to be, but it will be much smaller than the vex kit, probably around the size of the Signal Splitter.

So you want to basically make your own Hexbug? If your doing that their are other places that sell things like you are talking about. A lot of the ant weight battle bot stuff is nice.

well whati am really after is a micro controller and RF reciever and a mini camera because i want to build a submarine and the current vew micro cotroller and RF reciever and camera are to big and bulky for what i want to do.

Like this?

yup somthing exactly like that. but if i were to use the vex micro controller and other vex products (at the current size) i would i have to make the main part of the submarines body be at least as wide as the vex micro controler. but if i had a smaller micro controller then it would be a lot easier. but as bloodsheddragon said vex is coming out witha a smaller kit.

True but it is non-programmable, so basically it is the same as the signal splitter.

well then i will need to get a big pvc pipe for the vex microcontroller or not do it at all. thanks for all your help and those were some cool pics lowfategg