Smaller Skyrise Claw

Hello. We are The Infinities Team 6089. You might know us as Raining Sunshine as we changed our name this year.

In regards to the Skyrise intake, there are a lot of threads out there. Knowing this, we decided to post yet another thread in regards to our intake.

We wanted to make our Skyrise intake passive, as we were using a lot of motors in the lift, and well, functional. After attempting the needle Skyrise intake, we discovered that it had a very small window of error and required too much accuracy. We then tried the wheel claw, however it was too big and we wanted to make a smaller version.

We ended up using the smallest chain gears wrapped in rubber bands, to create friction, for the intake. This reduces size but keeps functionality. Also, we used two gears to make sure the two arms remained at the same angle relative to the other.

Watch our youtube video describing the full functionality of our intake:

Looks very good! We have also built both the other versions of the passive skyrise section intake and are not completely satisfied with either. Your modification is definitely an improvement. I especially like the simple idea of using the gears to make sure each arm opens evenly every time.