Smaller sprockets vs offset

Hello gamers. I am having issues with intake efficiency (again), and I found out why(yay). My front intakes are too close to intake efficiently. My questions are: is an offset (one hole to the right or left for the front one) better and possible, vs just smaller sprockets?

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Either one works equally well if done correctly.
Do what is most convenient for you, but keep in mind that future upgrades will have to be made with this modification in mind so tread carefully

What would be most convenient for future upgrades?

You have your sprockets chained together right? If that is the case then you can do either, though if you plan on switching to gears later I would do a smaller sprocket in front.

Could you send pics of the robot? It’s kind of hard to tell without seeing anything lol


I think that moving everything sideways would be better than changing the sprockets.
You only appear to have a few points of attachment that are easily accessible so it would be easier to just do a bit of unscrewing.

But that´s just my thought

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It apears that the sprockets closer to the center of the robot are bigger, I’m not sure if this really makes sense because that means those rollers have less torque so your intaking might be a little slower. Making the ratio 3:1 or 2:1 with 100rpm motors might help with intake speed. Idrk for sure though b/c I don’t have a complex tray.

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