Smallest VEX Robot - Arduino Controlled

This is Mr. Avoidance. It may as well be the smallest VEX robot. I tried to make a development platform for use with an Arduino board. I used a Hitec HS-422 servo and an ultrasonic range finder. So far it is working well but there are few bugs in the code and a little tweaking to do.

Here is a YouTube video of it in action:
Mr. Avoidance in Action

Nice! I’ve been planning to drop a Raspberry Pi onto my VEX robot for wifi control with an on-board camera.

Have you tried hooking up a Bluetooth Serial dongle to the Arduino? Bluebots is a great little app that can give you remote control from an Android device.


But can it high hang? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: we built one with a smaller wheelbase but the micro controller was sticking off the top in a funny way

I got a bluetooth module but I fried it. The site that I bought it from said it was 5v compatible. Needless to say, they are sending me a new one.

Unfortunately, it cannot hang high… or low… and it doesn’t even lift.

It’s hard to get a tiny robot from the VEX platform, not really a bad thing. How were you able to narrow the wheel base? I was able to get a platform smaller but I had to mount the motors perpendicular to the axles and use worm gears with 12-tooth cogs. It wasn’t pretty or stable. I would have to use an aftermarket processor, there was no way to really mount a Cortex to it.

You should use the 2.5 inch omni’s with that. :slight_smile:

We got it smaller by using chain and sprocket instead of tank treads. We also mounted one motor in the back for the left side drive and one motor in the front for the right side drive.

That is cool, I never would have thought to use the chain and sprocket as a drivetrain. I got the motors mounted the same way in the first robot.

An omni-wheel would be great but I only have the 4" ones and it looks kind of funny on the little robot but I think it looks a little funny any way.