Smart Cable Compatibility

Are the vex iq smart cables and the v5 smart cables cross-compatible? I have a ton of cables over the years with the little plastic clip snapped off, and I want to re-crimp new connectors on to keep using the cables. Is it the same connector as the v5 cable? or can I just get an RJ12 connector and use that?

You can’t make V5 cables from IQ, at least not competition legal. V5 cable is heavier gauge and labeled V5.

Completely incompatible.
IQ is 6 conductor, V5 is 4 conductor, so both different cable and different connectors.


Ah okay. In that case then, will vex be selling the crimps and connectors for IQ cable as well in the near future? If not, can i just use RJ12 connectors?

I understand that these will not be competition legal. I just don’t want to throw away a box of cables that are otherwise perfectly fine. I will be keeping a batch of fully vex legal cables for competition use. I understand the risks in the chances of incorrect wiring and I am fine with that. I just want them to practice with these instead of breaking the little plastic tabs on the official ones.

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@MisawaMisa isaw If you look at the IQ cables, you’ll see that the tabs are offset to one side. These are non-standard connectors and finding them and a crimp tool to match is very hard.

This looks like the right one
you need 6P6C connector with offset tab (Lego uses the opposite to VEX)
you would need to research the appropriate crimp tool.


The big problem with trying to have DIY connectors for IQ is that the offset-style connector requires a professional crimping tool, which starts around $250 or so.

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There are some around.

and the Lego crowd has been hacking standard crimpers for years (again, Lego is opposite from VEX)


Got it, I will give it a try. Thanks to everyone for the help!