Smart Cable Extension Cables

I’ve noticed that fabricating custom cables can kind of be annoying to do when you have perfectly good shorter cables just laying around, and only a small amount of Smart Cable stock left.

Thusly, I’d like to pitch to the community the idea of extension cables or couplers.

These extension cables would have one male and one female end, and the couplers would have two female ends. The couplers would allow for teams to couple two male-male cables together, and the extensions would provide the same idea, but with only one connection point.

I’m no electrical engineer (only a competitor!), so I may be completely wrong in how these can be assembled. I also understand that Vex needs to worry about actually getting V5 to people before worrying about add-ons, but eventually I think that something like these would be invaluable to lesser experienced temas or teams with limited resources.

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You can probably find these on amazon or the like, but whether they are competition legal or not is another question.

Under current rules, they would not be competition legal.

Yes, but if Vex were to produce, or allow them for next year’s game, I think it would help a lot of teams.


true good suggestion!

See this thread: