Smart Cable replacement

New to VEX IQ robotics but ENJOYING it. I am helping my Science teacher implement it next year with our middle school students.
I bought a Super Kit to get started so my 9 year old grandson & I are having fun. His Hour of Code knowledge using Scratch amazed me with what he did with ModKit.
Also volunteered at the High School with their VEX ERD club.

There has to be something better than the Smart cables? What can be done to make those cables easier to maneuver/manipulate?
Has anybody tried wiring their own custom lengths? Anything unique from phone cable other than 6 wires?
I saw where i can make my own tether cable because it is an ethernet cable.


Surprised that you are coming from ERD and not liking the smart cables? Wiring is so much easier in IQ than ERD. We use rubberbands to tie them up when needed. In IQ, you are not allowed to modify parts or make your own parts (for competition robots), including cables, but the cables do come in an assortment of sizes, including very long ones. VEX is receptive to suggestions for product improvements, so if there is something specific you are looking for then let them know by posting in the product discussion forum.

That would be “VEX EDR” not ERD. Compared to the PWM cables in EDR robots, the smart cables are wonderful.