Smart cable stuck in port

I have a smart cable that is stuck in a port. Below is a video. Any suggestions?


same problem, dont want to risk yanking out

Try tweezers:
Depress the locking tab, then put the tweezers in, horizontally centered on the top and bottom of the smart cable connector and going as deep as possible. Then squeeze and carefully extract the cable.

Obviously, once you do extract the cable, immediately discard the connector that got stuck, lest you have the same problem again.

I have a theory, corroborated by this not being the first thread regarding this issue, that the connectors VEX resells are not of adequate quality for the frequent cycling they will face in VRC/VEXU. If competition-legal, I would recommend getting some better ones from Amazon. (I haven’t analyzed the manual and Q&A enough to be sure of the legality of this.)

You may use equivalent connectors from another source. You may not use substitute wire stock . This was answered in a Q&A.

In that case, I highly recommend using known-good connectors instead of VEX’s. They’re probably cheaper too.

Do you have a link to one? I don’t know the specs well enough.

What you’re looking for are

4P4C Modular Connectors

They are often branded as RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22. Use these queries to find an appropriate product with good reviews.

For example:
Tupavco TP808 RJ9 Modular Headset Connector (100 Pack Per Bag) 4P4C Phone Connectors - RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 Jack Crimp End Crimper for Telephone Cable/Cord Handset

Hey did you ever get it out? Ours is still stuck.

Did you get it out?

So, I am thinking about where it failed. The release lever on the connector changes width to where so the wider portion of the tab is able to click in place. It may be that the small tab wore down (not sure how or why) to the point that the skinny portion of the tab is able to bend down at the point it meets the wider part of the tab. In that scenario, the wider part would still be engaged in the port. As others have mentioned, use thin tool, such as a tweezer, to release the wider part of the tab. To do this successfully, you will need to follow along the path of the thin portion of the release tab. This way the tweezer blade will be between the plastic release tab and the port, otherwise the tweezer may slip in between the wide part of the release tab and the connector.

Mechanically, the release tab should be the only thing holding the connector in, unless the conductor inside the connecter popped out and is pushing up on the connector.

Post-mortem would be good.

Honestly, I forgot about it as the cable works fine so he just found a use for it.

It was the wider part of the tab that was caught up. Once I read this I tried to pull it out again by hand but pushed it to the side a little and it came out. Of course, I immediately put it back in the port… And it came out with no difficulty that time.

Good to know - I saw this happen at a competition… the team was able to figure out how to get it out and all was good.

The more experience we with V5, these sort of problems will be less frustrating.

I will take a mechanical sticky over 393 broken pins any day!

So many sad memories…

We have a classroom full of reckless students using 393s. It’s a shame when I install a motor in a hurry, just to realize the pins are broken and I have to take it off again. especially when it’s in a tight space.