Smart Drive

Hello! I’m new here to the VEX forums and also to programming not just in VEX but also in general and I was wondering how exactly do I upload my code segments to display them here. For example, when someone needs help on their code and they show a replica of it? If anyone knows what I mean I thank you because I’m explaining this awfully. Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait until I’m able to truly interact with this community!

you paste your code in formated text like this

if you look at the top when your post or reply to someome, you can see a symbol that looks like this </>, click this and paste your code in between the 2, 3 dashes


Thank you so much! I noticed this and I used it before but the code comes up in the form of a paragraph. Does it show up like that for those who view it?

When you paste your code in here, it will look like regular text. But the text will come out  formatted like this.

To see if everything is looking right, look on the right of this (assuming you are on a computer) and you’ll see how your post will look like to everyone

If you are on your phone, clip on the TV (next to the reply button I think) like button it should give you a preview

What's this

You can also do cool things like this, click on the gear and select “Hide Details”


Thank you, all of my questions have been answered!

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