Smart field questions

We are looking to upgrade our field controllers next season since we will have a few brains with blown ports. My main question is the Raspberry PI.

Is the raspberry pi the only way to run these systems or can the system be ran off a windows stick? I know the official documentation says to use RPi but would much prefer to use other means.

The V5 smart field controller can be controlled by TM running on Windows as well. But, your Windows machine would need to be located close to the field controller because it’s a USB connection (I would advise against using USB extension cables for the V5 brain).

Out of curiosity, why? IMHO RPis are a really nice way to run fields, much easier to set up than Windows. They’re pretty much plug and play.

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We have run into to many issues reflashing the RPi or not having them stay connected to the host tm. Updating the image has become a hassle and there just isn’t enough to keep using them over a window stick.

We are thinking of using the stick as a satellite TM being controlled by the host computer. We use the window sticks currently as displays and just the ease of use is preferred.