Smart field

my team and I are doing a tournament with a smart feel and our robot drive code does not start when we are plugged in any suggestions to what we are doing wrong

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Can you send the code so we can take a look at it? It’d be hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing the code.

Send the code.

But, speaking from history, if a team’s code does NOT run when plugged into the field… it’s because they are missing a ‘when driver control’ start.

If you are using just ‘when start’ or ‘when autonomous’ you need to reallocate your code into an additional ‘when driver control’ section.


I hate that the ‘edit’ button is gone.

Does your code work with the handheld field switch? If you don’t have one… would strongly recommend picking one up. They are cheap. If your code works with it, it should work connected to the actual field controller.


We ended up changing the code to when driver control thanks for all the help

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