Smart ideas regarding modifications?

Hello everyone!
Recently, my team, 7421E, just participated in the Battle by the Beach Signature Event in Galveston, and we didn’t do very well against the other teams. But, we have realized that there are several things that we need to change in our robot if we want to stand a chance against the meta. I just wanted to know everyone’s opinions about this.
Originally, our robot was an AMOGO robot with a four bar attached to the left side of the chassis and conveyor, which had a retractable claw attached to it. We used rubber bands for extra power and for the “flip out” mechanism.
Here’s what we’re thinking about changing:

A 6 motor and 6 wheel drive so that we can push mobile goals up the platform, as well as park. This gets us a lot more points if we can park with 2-4 mogos.
Removing the conveyor, intake, and hood mechanism to make room for more pneumatic clamps and claws.
Of course, this would make our robot a mogo focused robot, instead of a ring intake one. I think this is a good decision because mogos are worth more and are easier to get.

Moving our four bar claw into a more centralized location. This would help us move our center of gravity into the centralized area. It would also help with stability.

What do y’all think?

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My current bot is just like that, the only problem we have been having was tipping issues caused by our 6 motor drive (we geared it at 280 rpm) so I would recommend not having your wheels 12 in (middle) apart. Good luck and have fun building!

robots seem to have progressed more and more towards rings, so removing the ability to score them might make your robot better for the time being, but might not age well later in the season.

I think that if you’re not doing rings, you should definitely have a 6m drive and the ability to hold at least 2 if not 3 goals. 4m drive, 1 goal capacity lift bots won’t cut it for much longer in competitive regions.


Regarding what you said about the ability to hold several mobile goals, just with the deletion of the conveyor and the intake, we still have the ability to hold 2 mobile goals, elevate one of said goals, and have a lot of open space in the center to play with.
I agree with what you said about how robots might not do the best over the season without rings, but I’d like to see how this plays out, and if this is an efficient method of winning games.

there’s no reason you can’t do both 2 goals and rings though. And I think that will be pretty important later in the season.

for now, depending on your region, you would probably be safe to ignore rings for a bit longer, but prepare to have to face them sooner or later unless you go the full goal route (holding 3-4 goals, 6m drive, and good parking abilities) to compliment a ring bot.


Sounds good! Thanks for the suggestions. I think that I might be able to squeeze that in somewhere in the robot.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Right now we have two lifts with a claw on each. This gives us the ability to put goals on the platform from ether side of the bot. This has been very helpful and competitive!


I know it’s late and you’ve probably already finished rebuilding, but maybe after you add the reinforced logo claw, you could put a small ring conveyor belt between the front and rear carrier. then you could still score rings. Looking forward to seeing you at Houston!

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we had that for a while, but we took the rear one off. we found it useful to have different types of carriers, as having two that do the same thing is just inefficient. I realize I’m saying this late please don’t ding me people

We made it pretty efficient, but it just depends on how you improve it.

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True. the carrier we took off was pretty bad.

My robot is a
6 motor drive 360
1 motor 4 bar with a pneumatics claw
1 motor ring Intake
Pneumatic ramp clamp that clamps so the alliance goal can be loaded with rings

Idk if that helps

The thing about adding the conveyor right now is that we are already using all 8 motors.

6m drive
1m 2 bar
1m lift

So unless I changed the lift to a pneumatic lift, I wouldn’t have the motor capacity to add a conveyor.

maybe you could do what some other 6m drives have done: pneumatic rear carrier and 1m lift. that way you have a motor left for a ring conveyor. someone made a video of a smart carrier idea:60883D 1 Piston Mogo Mech (VEX Robotics Tipping Point) - YouTube that’s what 1082C, the winner of high school Galveston, did; they also have a 6m drive.