Smart Motor Issue

You know? I have a funny issue, i have a robot with 4 motors and one gyro, it works fine, but suddlenly, it’s shows an device error, claiming the port 12 (where I have a motor connected) there’s no motor connected. So I check the device info in the brain, and it doesn’t recognize the motor12 as a motor, it recognize it as a bumper. To fix this problem, I disconnect the motor, reboot, and connect the motor, and voila, works again. Everything fine but in 20 or 30 minutes later, that problem comes up again, and I don’t know how to fix it for good. Anybody does?

Hello Gonzalo,

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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on your side to fix this specific problem, we must replace the motor under warranty.

Please reach out to our Customer Service Team and they will be able to provide you further details on the exchange:

I forgot to mention, this problem also happened to a friend, and we switch motor to see the problem, I connected to my iq brain, everything ok with this motor. But this problem comes up with a different motor. So, this was really weird

This kind of error usually means something else on a given port triplet is broken. Say you have a ColorLED on port 10 in a messed state, needing a firmware update. Then, the brain would have hard times enumerating the devices on ports 11 and 12, or it might mis-recognize them. In such a case, I suggest you detach everything, then check the devices on-by-one using the device info and the the VexOS update utility.