Smart Radio App Problem

So my radio is connected to the IPAD but it says the firmware is out of date. It says the current version is 0.0.0. I connect the brain to the utility software and it says everything is up to date. When I connect the brain to my chromebook it says everything is up to date. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Yes I have restarted the brain. Yes I reconnected the radio. Yes I reinstalled the app on the Ipad.

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@jpearman this sounds like your territory. Good luck!


It sounds more like a communication problem.

Just to verify, you are using IQ ?
You are using VEXcode IQ on an iPad ? Is the VEXcode app and iOS on the latest release ?

perhaps @tbobik can help.


What version of iOS are you running on the iPad?

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Hi! It worked the next day. Not sure what was wrong.

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