Smart radio stuck in bootload mode


I have a VEX IQ brain with a smart radio that’s stuck on bootload mode. Can not run any programs (Basically the the brain is stuck and the display shows the message “Smart Radio is in bootload mode. Please download the latest software”)… When I tried to update the firmware usingVEXos Utility it shows the radio module in yellow and blinking, but when I tried to update it, it comes out as installation has failed. If any knows how to troubleshoot this error that would be much much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Pull the radio out. Load VEXOS to the brain. Plug the radio back in and see if it will do the update.

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What’s the status of the other radio? (The one in the controller)

Thanks for the reply, I tried that but now it shows the brain is up to date. So basically I cant update the smart radio. And the brain gets stuck when its connected.

Controller radio is fine

I’m assuming you have a V1 brain here?

When you turn on the brain, does it show the radio being connected? What does the info screen say?

You will need to pair the controller and the brain since you reset the configuration with the update.

Was the controller plugged in when you did the VEXOS update?

Do you have another radio to see if thats your problem?

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Right click on the brain icon in the VEXos utility and select force update to load vexos again.

If that doesn’t work, hold Up/Down arrow buttons when powering on the brain, that will place it in DFU mode and allow vexos update.

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I swapped the radios and figured previous one is faulty.

Thanks for the reply, Yes this worked. Thank you so much. I was able to update both, the brain and the smart radio.

Super, always like a happy ending to a problem.

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