Smart radio will not pair with any of my devices

I have a 4th generation iPad with iOS 10.2.1, Motorola smart phone MotoE2(4G-LTE) Android version 5.1 and laptop running windows 7. Smart radio will not discover smart phone or iPad at all. Laptop will at times discover the smart radio but while attempting to pair will display a message stating that it ran out of time and the pairing failed. I tried both smart radio modules I recently purchased. No luck. VEXos is 2.0.1. Please help.

The question is what interaction would you expect. The brain (with smart radio) is behaving as a central device (like a notebook or a phone), not like a peripheral one, and as such, it could only be used from inside the iPad programming app (where the iOS, driven by that application, knows how to set up iPad as a peripheral).

The controller, with SmartRadio, behaves as a peripheral, but talking a very specific protocol, thus even though you’d be able to discover the controller by a phone, you won’t be able to use it for much anything (short of writting your own app for the phone to use it). You can verify how does this link and protocol work by using the “nRF Connect” app to discover and inspect the device.