Smoking Cortex.

My cortex begins to let out a burning smell when powered, I’m assuming that it 's because I’m using 12 motors, 2 Shaft Encoders, and 2 of the 12 motors have Integrated encoders, and finally an LCD display. My guess is that I’m drawing to much power, please help. I also have a power expander that has 6 motors that is on one battery and 6 on another battery.

Check ports 1 and 10. Sometimes the smoke is the onboard motorcontroller melting.

I know that but what is causing it???

Check each motor carefully and make sure you do not have a short where the wires enter the motor. This is a common break point and will cause issues at the cortex.

Team 7035 is on the right track. Most likely a motor or motor controller 29 has a direct short.
We recommend to inspect wires for receding insulation/ plastic. Attached is a sample picture of such damage, the damage may also appear on any section of the wire.
Damaged wire.PNG

Our robot has been giving off smells of something burning when running our arm, this might be our issue as well. But if your cortex itself is smoking… ouch.