SMS match reminder service?

With worlds coming up in kentucky team 211 began to think about a way to check matches without wifi. We came up with the idea for an sms service that could send reminders to our teams. Anyone else want to get in on this?

Assuming you are only hoping to receive reminders of your own team’s upcoming matches and results of those matches afterwards, VEXText already does this.

I think they did this in one of that past 3 years. Don’t remember which one. Real problem fro me is phone service though.

When you complete your team information on, one field asks for two cell numbers from members of your team for them to upload to VEXText. This service is already available as Legomindstormsmaniac mentioned already.

VEX TEXT debuted at the 2011 VEX World Championship and has been used every year since. It is also available for use by any other official VEX competition events that wish to use it. As 536Mentor said, your team leader can fill it in now on the team information page on, and you’ll also have a chance to review/update the phone numbers during the registration process when you get to Louisville.

I would urge to you take advantage of it at Worlds. However, please keep in mind that cellular text messaging isn’t always 100% reliable, especially in a crowded venue like the World Championship. The cellular carriers sometimes delay or discard the VEX TEXT messages altogether. In other words, you should still be watching the match schedule and keeping an eye on the time to make sure you don’t miss your match. Event staff won’t be sympathetic if you miss your match and blame it on not getting the text message.

How would one go about making the driver teams cell phones receive these at worlds?

See my post above. When you fill in your team information under your account on Robotevents, there is a box at the bottom of the page for you to enter 2 phone numbers. Otherwise, you can register the numbers when you check-in at the event.

Hi mrreedsaid,
Teams who are going to Worlds should be filling out a team information survey on - your team contact should have access to do this. On that survey there is a field to put in your phone numbers for VEX TEXT. Additionally, when you arrive on-site and go through the team registration process, you will have an opportunity to confirm the numbers you provided (or add them, if you didn’t provide them in the team survey). When your team is checked in at the registration desk, the phone numbers you provided will receive a confirmation text message.

After your team is registered at the event in Louisville, you can ask at Pit Admin if you need to add or change phone numbers for VEX TEXT.

I hope this answers your question.

That is it! Thank you! I will make sure to get my drive teams numbers to enter at registration!