SMS Scrimmage

I thought that this scrimmage was by far the best scrimmage yet. We had very few errors, like one or two tether errors, but I think that was it! We should get all the team names who won awards and what the award was for. We should actually do this after every scrimmage/ VEX competition in my opinion. We had a great time despite 3196A and B’s programming problems. Blake, thatnks for the kits and power packs =-):smiley:

It was an incredible game especially the finals. The scrimmage was a huge success. The “Mammoth” worked great and got the “best high goal scoring robot” award. We won the finals but for a second I thought we lost it.

Lord Wellington’s Beef Trapeze deserved a standing ovation. They were able to hang, but not hang on the top of the bar, on the side. It worked great, but it looked as if it took some really precise maneuvering and sometimes the hook they had would not go on all the way. But when they were hooked on the bar, they would not come off, if you pushed them they would just spin around the bar.

Forum folks,

Will anyone who knows the real names of Tmaxxguy and Gamerfreek please send me a PM containing them. They are needed for a local newspaper story about yesterday’s scrimmage at SMS.


I pmed them to you at about 4:30.

I wish a scrimmage with robotics was easy as soccer. All i need is 5 people and a ball:D

and 4 cones if you’re gonna play with goals.