Smuggling food into the convention center

We’re not allowed to bring outside drinks/food into the convention center, so we need to come up with ways to smuggle boxes of chips/cases of water into the center.

I’m considering using bags of potato chips as packing peanuts for my robot and shipping it directly to the convention center. I might fill up our toolbox with bottles of water too.

What are some of your ideas for getting snacks/drinks into the convention center?

We could perhaps stash food in 1107B’s super stacker…:rolleyes:

when we talked about that
we were kidding godzilla
i want some chips
my idea
have a cardboard box full of metal but is it
make a metal frame fill middle with food throw metal in so it is hollow

hahaha this thread is amazing omg I love this!!! this will be an interesting thread… your ideas are great man!!! good luck with that!!!

BEST THREAD EVER! :slight_smile:
(watch it get locked and deleted within hours)

just go in to the pits with all your gear
empty all your robot boxes, toolboxes at your pits
go out
fill them with food

I don’t think its smart posting this thread… I think we will just bring like 1 or 2 water bottles each in our backpacks and buy lunch/snacks at the convention center

here you go

that is all

Reminds me of this

I think they were legit questions… and we didnt even get an answer to the last one…


I’m still laughing.

karthik sees this facepalms
that video about the bear is hilarious

I was like :confused: for about 10 seconds until I realised what you meant. :smiley:

Aaaanyway, all jokes aside, this seems like a poor idea. Though, if people decide to do this, 1107b is definitely advantaged :smiley:

“mediumdave, why are you making crunching sounds as you walk?”

“oh, um, no reason”

I know this is crazy talk, but how about following the rules that your school/team knew about and agreed to by registering for the event? If you don’t like the rules, don’t attend. Wouldn’t that be more honest?

Is there an eating area within the convention center where we’re allowed to bring food?

If not, where is the nearest place outside the convention center where we’re allowed to bring our own food?


Is wifi available so we can post on the Vex forums?

Rules were meant to be broken:D:D:D:D:D (cliche response)

You can eat outside…

i do not like to eat outside unless im really really hungry!!!

Actually, it’s been quite warm outside the past couple of days and should stay that way for the rest of Nationals. Just order some pizza and sit outside. Bring a blanket, some sparkling grape juice and a kite and you will have yourself a picnic!

Um we were kinda talking about the World Championships… Eating outside is great in California during the spring.

Smart. I know this sounds dumb but how do you post a message. I mean like a question, not what I am doing now. I mean thread.

Simply click on the forum you would like to start a thread (General Forum, Ask the VEX Staff, etc.) and then click on the “New Thread” button on the upper-left hand corner of the page.