SN65HVD1782 There are many specific models

SN65HVD1782 There are many specific models, such as:SN65HVD1782DR SN65HVD1782D SN65HVD1782DG4 …
What’s the difference between them? Which model should I buy?
There’s a good welding teacher in our school, but we’re not sure what’s wrong. What replacement should we buy?
Some port motors are plugged in to flicker, and some ports are not at all bright.

Is this a VEX thing? Welding is not allowed in VEX.

The “D” suffix is important as that means it’s an SOIC package, which I’m pretty sure that’s what the V5 brain uses. The “R” is the parts packaged in a reel, so it doesn’t matter, though you’ll probably not want 2500 of them. The “G4” means the part is “green” and good for the environment, but Texas Instruments doesn’t use the non-green process for these chips anymore, so the “G4” really means nothing. By the way, you don’t weld these parts in; they are soldered into place. Changing these transceivers takes quite a bit more talent than something simple like splicing V5 smart cables. If the task is underestimated and attempted anyway, you could end up with a brain that doesn’t work at all.

are you trying to replace a part on the PCB of a V5? I would strongly advise you not to attempt this, as you are far more likely to cause more harm than good.

Reach out to VEX support or whoever you bought the system from in the first place.

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