Snail bot with a wall or 4bar with a wall

I was thinking since snail bots have a small profile you can fit a passive wall in the back of the bot.
Deploy the wall in the middle and shoot all opponents balls across the field so you don’t get dq for possession.
Or you could have a 4bar with a puncher to shoot balls across the field and deploy the wall so that your alliance has 6 towers

I came with this strategy because the main problem with wall bots is the possession limit

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I like the idea of doing it with a flywheel robot because it would be good to utilize that extra space on the back. Not sure if a wall is the best use of the extra space, but I’m sure there is something useful that can go back there.

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Why would you have a 4b and a puncher?

So that you can horde your ball and score them and the puncher is to launch the opponents balls across the field or to score while being able to hold6+ balls

Why have a lift then

Just a fair warning using a puncher against the rigid plastic balls will not work well

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What do you suggest 20 carecters

Snailbot 20 characters

4m x drive 2m intakes 2m indexer with one motor from the indexer ratcheted to a trapdoor for sorting

What if you use a Duel flywheel instead of a puncher with a tray on top of it

Shooting from a distance is not going to be very effective this game

The shooting is to clear your side of the field from the opponent’s balls

Why would you do that

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Cause you have a wall bot which is going to obstruct the other team from reaching their balls

The yellow line is you wall

That’s not going to win many matches but go for it

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distance shooting is very very ineffective.

if it misses and goes out of the field.

if it hits someone

the goals are not that big like NBN or have space. Its a risky things and please look at some rules like

RULE <G3.> Use common sense
RULE <S1.> Be safe out there

and if the ref deems it unsafe then you are screwed.

so that’s why IMO its not worth it. go for a snail bot or a lift bot and try to improve it


I wasn’t thinking of the shooting part of this idea, but my team’s design will probably have one motor left over, so we have considered doing a wall like you described. I think it’s not even necessary to block off the whole field, the wall could just be 2/3 of the way across the field and still block off a lot of rows that your opponents could possible complete. Leaving a gap also means that you are not at a risk of violating possession rules.

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distance shooting bad