SnapCAD design software - can it be used for tipping point Robot

Hello all,

Does anybody tried to use SnapCAD for Tipping point robot design? Or does it work only for IQ?

Looking for a software solution to design this virtually -as out V5 parts are still on hold. Appreciate any suggestions on a good CAD solution.


snapcad is not an efficient program to CAD an actual robot design

the best options for vex are either autodesk inventor or solidworks
inventor has free student licenses available here: Student and Education Software | 1-Year License | Autodesk Education Community
you can also apply for a solidworks sponsorship: Smartsheet Forms

cad library with parts: VEX Inventor Library Release Log - #13 by Unionjackjz

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You could look into OnShape. A tutorial was recently made for it by @Mitch-7282B here.


Fusion 360 also works very well. There is a Nice cad library, and it is easy to get a student license.
(Never mind, @StuartV beat me to onshape)

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You’ll find general information about all the available CAD systems with free educational licenses in this document: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf - Google Drive