SnapCAD usability improvements wishlist

Is there a room/forum to ask for improvements and possibly report bugs?

Here is my list of small improvements that would, in my opinion, improve SnapCAP usability.
I am running on Linux under Wine in case it makes a difference.

  • In 3D view, keep the panning position after rotation. I can pan and zoom around the 3D view, but whenever I rotate it, the place I was looking at gets lost. Zoom would stay though. The 3D view rotates the wireframe model in real time, I do expect to see the view positioned just as it was before releasing the left finger.
  • Zooming at the cursor point. In all views, I am using mousewheel for zooming, but it zooms around the view center. It would be nicer if it was rather zooming around the mouse pointer. That way, you could just point at the thing you want to see in detail and engage the wheel.
  • Cursor movement. Arrow keys move objects around by the selected grid step. This is very useful, but limited to 2 axes and a little confusing unless you're focused at Top view. I'd really appreciate if the arrows shortcut behaved relatively to the focused view, so the selected parts always moved in the direction of the arrow keys in the selected view. [/LIST]
    1. You can move parts in all three space directions using the arrow keys (left/right/front/rear) and the home (up) / end (down). Now I agree it can be confusing on some views (but I used other software which change arrow direction when changing view - this is very confusing too!). Note that PgUp/PgDn go up/down in the list of parts (sometimes allowing to select a hidden part more easily)

    Thanks. I have reordered my views so the keyboard shortcuts would make sense in my “main” working view. Are there any other keyboard shortcuts? I have found that ‘A’ rotates, but that’s just one direction and one axis, so I’d expect there are other shortcuts for other axes.

    There is a list of keyboard shortcuts in SnapCAD’s Help File. If any are missing please let me know.

    Ah, finally I have explored the help in detail, spending like 15 minutes to actually find the relevant page as it is not linked and I haven’t tried the expand ‘+’ before. That way I have finally found many other details I was looking for, like what “ghost” does… Miss the find feature.

    Thanks for challenging me to look deeper.