Snapshot Robot Question for modificationt

Hey everybody Newbie here
Does anyone know how to modify the motors for the Snapshot hero bot to make the motors faster or slower or vex iq block or vex iq? I’m new here to Vex and Vex forums so hello everyone :smiley:

Great question, usually one of the first things new competitors try to figure out.

You’ll use gear ratios to (1) increase/decrease speed or (2) decrease/increase strength.

This video does a good job of explaining:

This Stem Lab is great for understanding gear ratios:

There a lots of other resources out there, but that’s the general topic you’ll look at: Gear Ratios


Not sure if you’re asking about programming, or about mechanical modifications to the robot. Generally, the “canned” program in the controller (used for all the trainer builds when you don’t write your own driver-control program) will run the motors at full speed, so there’s no way to make the motors any faster through software. To physically increase the speed of the motors, you will need to design some external gearing to adjust the gear ratios to something that suits you. This is a fairly significant modification to any of the pre-designed builds, and will push your team to the next level: to design and build your own custom drive train.


Thanks a lot sir!!! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot man!!! :upside_down_face:

This is another video that is also very helpful:


There is also the velocity/torque block that can modify it in coding

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