So how much is your parts hoard?

In full disclosure I’m a VEX re-seller, and that funds about 20% of STEM Robotics activities. I try to stock most popular parts so when I go around to the teams I’ll have parts they can use right away (45 gussets, c-channel. motors, gear sets, controllers, brains, etc for V5, Cortex and VIQ)

I also have a grand munchkin, we are working on building all the VEXIQ Hexbug kits, so I have about 1 of each for that. But as the IQ people know, some of the cooler parts are buried in a Hexbug kit, so I have about 1 of each broken into parts in the “Rolly cart of everything” that I carry around. But I have all the IQ standard parts in purple. I hand out the purple parts during the season and harvest them back at the end of the year. (I have one team that orders purple parts, they are always “out of stock” and they order the yellow :slight_smile:

I just ran the inventory, and I have $1,700 in VRC parts, including 2 battery, a brain and a controller.

I have $2,200 in VIQ stuff which includes two full shelves of Hexbug kits. (Hey stuff on 50% off attracts my eye and I stock up). About 40% is for the munchkin. There is about another $1,000 in “demo models” that are driveable robots, with motors but minus brains, that I can show off. I have most of the hero bots, and some of the cool “out of the box” ideas that have been presented here. (And you know who you are that I’ve stolen your forklift, lunar lander, buggy and 4 bar claw ideas from)

On the VRC side there are 5 demo bots (Including our first Hanging a Round Robot) and the latest 5 wheel drive robot by my STEM robotics partner Steve (the robots are twins, one in VRC and one in VIQ) for about $1,200 in stuff

And you may have seen my Robot Lab on season 5 of “Hoaders” :slight_smile: so extra odds and ends are about.

But all up there is about $6.4K (rounding up to be safe) laying around in the Robot Lab. Half of it is stuff that I own for either demo or munchkin, the rest can go to teams.

I’ve seen posts about peoples stock of parts. So do your inventory, post how much you have stocked. Can you specify if it’s VRC or VIQ parts please.


Oof I haven’t taken inventory in a while, but rough math brings me to $3000 in just stuff I have with me at home rn. Edit: This is for VRC


I’ve bought everything I have so far at yard sales so I’ve only spent about $200ish dollars. Then again, I didn’t have enough money to buy any electronics which is also probably why the lower cost.

Edit: For VRC


A rough estimate of what I can remember of whats big comes out to 10,069(Yes that’s the number). Thats just the kit I bought, motors, extra v5 kit, parts, field, etc…
I might check all later, but for now, just a rough estimate



Maybe we need to go by some sort of per capita index.
Clubs with more teams will naturally be a bigger hoarder? :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread brought back memories of how we tried to corner the market of motors (just before SingVex) in one of those years… lol…
It is possible in small regions and also where there are limited avenues or channels that we can get the products.


As a student of a school team i’m not really sure how to answer lol

is this asking how much i individually own or how much the school/org/team owns

Not quite sure, but total net worth of all the VRC stuff my team owns has got to be around $4-6k

We haven’t taken a good inventory since beginning of summer 2019 because our normal cleanup week didn’t happen because of covid, so I don’t know the exact balance

My school made some massive orders this year since we added 4 new teams and got a grant as well, so numbers are a little disproportionate.

A single team is what I’m after, mostly looking at teams that are home based. But if you are part of a 6 robot club with $12 in parts it would be $2k per robot

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Hopefully my sister teams won’t see this post