So... Linux?

I am considering installing a version of Linux on one of out home computers, as Windows screwed up when we switched it from pro to home edition. I am wondering what version of Linux to use and would be open to any other advice.

Trust me, Linux is great. Two distro’s I recommend are Fedora and Ubuntu. The only sole reason I am not using Linux on my laptop here, is that my D-Link USB Adapter is a revision behind working with it.

If you wait until Ubuntu 8.10 comes out, ther’s a sweet new theme with gadgets and mac osx dock type thing :stuck_out_tongue:

or you can download google sidebar, just as good as vista sidebar if not better :smiley:

Wine is a windows emulator that is free to download, it allows most win programs to work with linux, any distro i believe

Thanks, I found a download link for Ubuntu, so I’ll probably go with it.

might want to take a look at Stardock ObjectDock. There’s a free version which is basically the equivalent of a Mac dock. Extremely convenient. No idea as to whether it runs on linux or not, but it’s nice.

Download Wubi. It will install Ubuntu directly to your hard drive just like a program you would install (such as word). This way you don’t have to mess around with the BIOS. I love Ubuntu. It is by far the best linux distro out there. Hands down.

It seems like ubuntu is the way to go as far as linux is concerned. There are a lot of community supports and open source applications for ubuntu. Great Choice!

Just posting to say that this little project went over well. I went with Ubuntu and the computer I loaded it to is actually straight Linux now, as the previous operating system was corrupted beyond repair. Apparently a Dell XP Professional computer doesn’t take kindly to being reloaded with an HP laptop’s Home Edition CD.