Hey I just found out about the social after the 2nd day of competition of the World Championship not to long ago…

so what are you wearing?
(yes, I’m one of those girls)

Any idea what the social is about? Seattle FRC’s social was just a movie - I met more people wandering around the pits than at the social! I hope that you’ll actually be able to meet people at VRC’s social =]

Umm some sexy clothes i suppose … LOL

I heard it’s actually a party, I dont know if it’s true, but sounds like fun!

I head that it’s supposed to be kinda like a dance. I DONT THINK that a lot of people WILL dance. My team made a bet though. For every guy I ask to dance with me i get $2. Easy money. :slight_smile:

Yeah yeah a dance/party …

LOL … go to 2202’s pit to get yourr first 2 dollars hahaha

Anyways yeah I’ll dance, tell your team to include me in the bet, i wanna be RICCHHHH !

I dont know, is there a dress code? I was thinking this short sleeved knee length satin dress I have, with black half length tights to dress it down a bit.

Most people will probably just wear their competition apparel (t-shirts, jeans, shorts, etc).

I skimmed those last two messages really quickly and got the impression that John V-N was going to be wearing a short sleeved knee length satin dress with black half length tights.

It’s bad luck just reading something like that.

at last year world championship the social was great, there were a robot band playing and a lot of other attractions

well what were people wearing?

People just walked out of the event site across the street to an open field. So everyone had their robotics shirts and jeans on, a few people changed into street clothes but most just remained in whatever they wore earlier that day.