Software bug in Tournament Manager application

As I am unable to reply back on the previous thread below, I am posting the root-cause here.

There may be a bug in software. It appears that we were given a score (though we have to double-check its correctness). The score is not calculated correctly. The wrong score calculation is carried forward until final selections. If the same issue occurs at that time, the error would be carried forward again. This finding was based on what is displayed and checked manually.

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Please advise if this is a known bug or a new one. Thank you.

I’ll investigate. It appears that this is an issue with the display of the Score, rather than anything affecting rankings. I’ll follow up when I have a more detailed answer.

Just closing the loop on this one. Dave Flowerday addressed the rankings issue in this thread.

The issue with the webpage showing 0 instead of 51 is a result of webpage only having the ability to show one score for the entire alliance, despite this edge case where the alliance has two different scores. We’ll look into making this more intuitive going forward.

Thanks for bringing all of this to our attention.