Software compatibility

What computer software is compatible with the VEX IQ software? I have an old Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 7 and it works fine. It’s just that the Lenovo is very slow and many problems occur. I recently acquired an iPad and Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 through a grant and they both are not compatible for the VEX IQ software; such a waste of time.
I heard that a Nexus or Chromebook works. Please advise.

Hi hawaiianhanapaa,

Currently, Windows (ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX) and Mac OSX (Modkit for VEX) are officially supported for programming VEX IQ. There is beta support for Linux from RobotMesh.

If your Microsoft Surface has a USB port and is running a full version of Windows 8, then both ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX should work. iOS is not currently supported as there is no current support for wireless downloading to the VEX IQ Robot Brain.


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