Software for my Vex Miicrocontroller

Hi All…
I’m new here and have a question.

I recently got a decent deal on Classroom and Competition Base Kit.
I’ve built several small robots with Parallax Propeller microcontrollers and Arduinos but the Vex products are many steps above those.

My question… I have a Cortex Microcontroller Rev A4. What software is compatible with this beastie?

The box I bought had no software and I don’t even know if it was supposed to have any.

Any wisdom you can share would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!


To program the Cortex, you’ll probably want to use ROBOTC - it’s available as a free download here.

Other options include PROS and RobotMesh Studio.


Many thanks! I downloaded Robotc. I’m familiar with C but by no means an expert. Should be a fun winter! :slight_smile:


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