Software installers for a network


Does anyone have any guidance for installing drivers, firmware update utility and modkit link software across a network? I work as an IT technician and I’ve been asked to install it on at least ten laptops, and I’m reluctant to do this manually. I’m looking for silent installers I can script, or even better MSI files that are ready to use.


Ian M

I am trying to install this on way more than 10 laptops county wide. But I don’t see anything about a silent, unattended install for network installs. Also, i’ve noted in the past, that windows likes to prevent it from running because they use the word Firmware in the exe. Windows has some keywords it doesn’t like to be use on installers for obvious reasons.

I also would like to hear an answer from Vex on this.

If anything prevented it running because of word “firmware”, it must have been some plenty paranoid anti-virus, certainly not Windows - almost every piece of HW (printer, webcam, DVB tunner, …) come with some kind of firmware delivered through the drivers or user application…